MLS Against Asian & Pacific Island Atacks

By Sean McCaffery, March 6, 2021

Together with the Asians in the MLS Employee Resource Group, the league released this statement, reiterating their backing of those from the regions. This is a respnse to such horrific events that have taken a nasty uptick in the wake  of the Corona virus.

Now and always, MLS advocates for social justice and is dedicated to combatting racism and xenophobia. Attacks on the Asian community, while not new, have been on the rise since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing violent hate crimes against members of the Asian community are abhorrent and must come to an end.

Together with our Asian, Asian American & Pacific Islander colleagues, the entre MLS family sends out this message of support for everyone in the Asian community.

Part of the solution is education. Too learn more,  resources are available at

We of course condem any sort of hate, this hits home a bit more as we have had a pair of sisters, first generation Koreans do a good deal of work with us, as we look forward to even more. We stand united with MLS and all others standing up to this. Please if you do not agree with this, cease following, reading, having anything whatsoever to do with us.