Michael Weeton, Supv. of Warwik, on Hudson Sports Complex Opening

By Sean McCaffery, May 29, 2019

WIth thanks to Erik Stover, I was able to conduct a phone interview with the head of the town in advance of the opening of their project, headed by Christian Fuchs, to be carried out on Saturday. The Hudson Sports Complex will have its Grand Opening, with an All-Star Game as its centerpeice while raising funds and awareness for the local charity, Beautiful People, in a recent incarnation, the space was a jail. Michael has held his title since 2002 and was raised locally giving him a thorough persepective on the property and its potential. The past history of the 35 acre property is not solely as a medium security level prison, it was first opened as a facility to house troubled boys. This first usage was done at the behest of Eleanor Roosevelt while she and her her spouse occuppied the white house, and she was present at the opening of it as such. This land was at the time owned by NYC and its 733 acres were traded for Rikers Island, NYC lost out in that trade big time, less than 60 years ago it became a correctional facilty as the Rockerfeller Laws filled he jails. It closed in 2011 as it was deemed as excess while the crime was shifting, leaving its stafff of 400 of so jobless. To quote a song from the FDR days, "Happy Days Are Here Again" as it has again been repurposed as a recreational facility of the highest level. The town acquired what was then a park and see this as part of their great effort towards economic development of the parcel. Already resplendant with wineries, orchards, a 128 acre lake in town, it is envisioned to now also draw a hotel assited by the proximity to Woodbuy Commons, less than half an hour, West Point a bit futher and less than an hour to a casino.

The Supervisor informed me that the chamber of commerce etc. were all vey happy to learn of the place being taken over and what to expect of it as a good neighbor as were the local schools and soccer clubs alike. Just 50 miles out of NYC, the three villages that make up the town of 104 square miles in Orange County features the 9 mile lake, Greenwoood Lake which is renowned for  its watersports. The facility will supplement the lakeside restaurants, olde tyme downtown areas, sumer concert series, Hudson Valley Jazz Festival and its many local musicians, there are working farms to all sides of the faciliity, in the midst of the Appalachian Trail, an active historical society helping with buildings from the  1700's.

Hope to see you a bit upstate starting at 2 p.m.