Media call with USSF Prez. Gualati addressing the most recent WC qualifier

By Sean McCaffery, October 13, 2017

In light of the most recent game with TNT, there was a confernce call held for press this morning. Gulati addressed a number things some a number of times, due to previous committments I missed the first half of it.

When asked how the USSF represents the fans of soccer in this country, He informed that of late fans were added to the shareholder meetings and although they have a limited say in matters, that USSF is unlike all others in that such a thing exists. Further unique aspects are that there are fully independent directors here as well as athletes which follows with US laws.

Of course a hot topic is the new coach, the statement from Long Island native Bruce Arena issued via U.S. Soccer is rehashed in an earlier post, Sunil informed. That no, there is at this time no profile they seek to fill, that will be handled later. The same person quiered on future games now that the USMNT is out of the World Cup, there are games set for 2018 and were in place whether the team came away with a win loss or tie in TNT earlier this week.

Pay-to Play another hot button topic was brought up, it was stated that recreational soccer won't be free. Further that MLS, USSDA, etc. through the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the USSF has been trying in some cities new things and are waiting to see how it plays out.

Pressed on the USSF structure & development. Sunil told that Jurgen Klinsman had been the Technical Director and now there is none, Tab Ramos has had this as one of the many hats he wears for the group and they will continue to consider others for the position.

Once asked whether he would step down from the committee to nominate the new President he informed that he had done so.

When asked about having more top players move into the administraion, the reply was that yes it is ongoing citing Ramos and more are due to follow.

Asked about his large role in the selection of the USMNT Head coaches he admits to understanding the frustraion of the fans in the most recent result.

When taken to task somewhat for not stepping down his position as was claimed by the one asking that most federation heads do in light of not qualifying, Sunil retorted that it is not the case that most heads do not do so, but rather coaches and that he is not going to resign adding that the World Cup is a big loss.

A follow up to that was why he feels he is the right one to continue with his position, he said his role with the World Cup bid, makes that difficult and that soccer is now in a different place than when he first got involved.

Asked what the upset fans want to have happen how would he reply. "all involved are passionate, dissappointed, not happy and passion grew do all to get ALL teams back on track for success etc."

Two different people asked about the nomination process. An interesting thing that came out of this was if one nominates more than 1 person for pres. both nominations are made invalid. Now the nominations are put in in advance this allows for background checks of the nominee. To run you must have 3 nominations and that he had spoken to people to get himself nominated. The second asked with the date drawing near 60 days and he does not run is not not too tight for others . He informed that he has not looked at others running or if he will run.