Loons & Quakes

By Sean McCaffery, August 1, 2020

Unlike in nature where if the Quake is bad enough the Loons lose, here whoever is better will win.

Adrian Heath, HC of MN has been playing head games with his players since last year, harping on their being underdogs, but still this year?, you are undefeated. From his claiming the Crew were already coronated winners, but then they topped the Crew.

Defender Chase Gasper of MN informed on Extratime, "SInce I've been here, the club and the team has really used the underdog theme as motivation. We did that all last year and it's the same theme this year. We were shown some, I don't know what the websites are, but Vegas odd, anywhere we can find some motivation, inspiration. The coaches, the staff, will kind of dig up clips or whatever stats that show us as underdogs. We like that, we use that to our advantage." 

Memo to their staff, let me know I will write all kinds of bad things, even make stuff up. Anthing to up my numbers.

The HC of San Jose, where ex-NY Cosmo Eric Calvillo is now along with past Ft. Lauderdale Strikers Luis Felipe Fernandes, a Mineola native please update his photo whoever does that sort of thing on the web, the Strikers fell out a few years ago now, is a treasure trove of quotes.

From Matais Almeyda "Soccer is happiness, it's not a chore. I've always said that if a soccer player feels like it's a chore or an obligation, you should do something else."

Such statements assist us in comprehending how they have played over their heads since his arrival. They pay no attention to being the favorite or not in the game, just to give a showing meeting his expectations. They have come from almost the polar opposite of perspectives of Utd. and their underdog dogma, with their we know who and what we are. DIfferent tacts now have them at the same place, we shall soon see which one wins out.