A Letter to their Fans, the Sky Blue Family

By Sean McCaffery, March 20, 2020

The team as the rest of us are handling issues never dreamed of. The are aware of the pleasure the beautiful games delivers to all involved, however with the advent of the Coronavirus, moves had to be made with the well being of all in and out of the game in mind.

The are glad their league, the best Women's League in the world, the NWSL have taken a forward thinking tact, following the lead of governmental, medical, league and legal experts. Their athletes are chomping at the bit to get back at it , but not until it is deemed appropiate by the powers that be.

They are in full agreement with the choice of no preseason games and the later kick off to their season, again as per the NWSL they delayed training until April 5. The whole of their staff shall telecommute for the time being, yet all will still be in touch with and strive to innovative ways of keeping in contact with their loyal fan base.

Supporters are to be fully confident that the games once rescheuled, their seats will still be valid.

The team anxiously awaits reuniting with their supporters at RBA, their new home, once able to. For now, they will stay in touch via their various platforms. They are on FB, IG, TikTok & Twitter please check in to stay up to date.

"Keep informed, stay safe and wash your hands",

Sky Blue FC