Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Sept. 26 to be Broadcast Nationaly

By Sean McCaffery, August 20, 2018

Houston by way of their penalty kick win, earned the right to host the Union who we just saw at their home this past weekend. ESPN2 & UDN will have the game kicking off at 8p.m. ET. The BBVA faithful will see their hometown Dynamo in their first ever final of this historic tourney. Meahwhile the Union are back to the final yet again, for the 3rd time in 5 years. To the victor go the many spoils, 300,000 of them in dollars and a seat directly into the 2019 CCl. The loser in this last match will also get 6 figures with a  $100,000 prize.

2015 & '15 saw the Talen Energy Field team dropping the game both times after full time. Houston has gotten as far as the semis in 2006 & '09. Houston, fortunate to have the home field advantage throught their entire run in this years Cup and they look to run the table in their 6th next month. Almost as fortunate have been the Union with this being their first away game of this journey, it will also be the first final they play out of town.

This incarnation of the Cup had its origins back in May and 97 teams vying for the title . FC Golden St. Force in being the furthest advancing amatuer club pulled in $25,000. Louisville City who took the USL title last year bested the MLS Revs and reaching the 1/4's also netting another $25,000.