Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Friday

By Sean McCaffery, May 9, 2020

It is now well over a decade old and doing far more things, one is now to help all through this time of the Coronavirus crisis, the Kicking & Screeening Soccer Film Festival.  #SoccerFilmFriday, each week they pick another flick for your viewing enjoyment, this one does not disappoint. Celtic Soul was screened at a recent festival in NYC and features the comedy of #JayBaruchel.

Jay, in Canada is a massive suppoter of the famed Celtic Football Club of Glasgow. He makes the pilgrimage to his mecca to take in a game. His newly minted buddy, a soccer  jounalist out of the old sod, Ireland, Eoin O'Callaghan, takes this journey with him to get to the bottom of his attraction to the team. How did this originate, and what of the beautiful game affects so Jay and so many others on a world wide scale?

This tale is well over 200 years old and the movie touches on that with an amazing history, the travel from Montreal, back to Jays ancestreal home of Westport, Ireland, from here his family sailed off to Canada. Next stop Glasgow and off to the revered Celtic Park.

Please go to for more. and the Facebook of #SoccerLongIslandMagazine to view the trailer.