Kicking & Screening Soccer Film festival, Mess & Me, NYRB & fashion

By Sean McCaffery, May 24, 2018

While watching a movie it is asked of you to suspend reality, imagine all that you see IS actually possible. This way people can bounce bullets off their chest, flip upside down and shoot projectiles at their enemies. During our interview with the Director much of this was covered but in short, there was a game, Messi & Friends to be played in Soilder Field, they were short players for the game. Northwestern was reached out to for players, they came through. Some had not played in years others kept in shape, they rounded out the roster many getting the start. As luck would have it, just this happened. Matt Eliason takes a free kick from Thiery Henry off his chest, it goes a bit high, he then sends a bicycle kick screaming past the surprised goalkeeper. Sportcenter highlight film and excitement around the player ensues, he winds up in Iceland playing pro. Want to learn more, see the movie. Our facebook page soccerlongislandmagazine has pictures of those involved with the movie.


As for the fashion portion, Americas' Next  Top Model was represented by Simon Doonan and has been with Barneys for decades now as he has made appearances on shows on both sides of the Atlantic, written a book and oh so much more. New York Red Bull Players, Sean Davis, Alex Muyl and Florian Valot also lent their soccer style to this screening.


A few tickets remain for this evening however, Friday is sold out, the wrap party at the outdoor space of Scandnavia house is open to all at 9 p.m. Friday evening.