Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival backs Golaso-Union

By Sean McCaffery, July 11, 2018

 As they love so much to partner with and support soccer people worldwide with their cool, creative stuff in celebration of the beautiful game and delve into the culture of this game, this is a natural fit. Keith Foggan of Golaso, a soccer-centric creative studio is one such person. Hence K&S is backing this week long celebration of football-inspired creativity in London matching the last week of the FIFA World Cup.

Kicking off on July 10 through 15 at Unit 8-Old Street Station,  Shoreditch, this shows many exhibitions, discussions parties and of course, soccer movies. Here is where K&S kicks in, July 14 at noon, the co-present with Guerrilla FC, a football fashion line, the film, "Short Plays". This collection of shorts is making it debut, it was curated and organized by Daniel Gruener a Mexican director. 

Included here are pieces directed by, Vincent Gallo, Gaspar Noe, Fernnado Eimbcke, Carlos Reygadas, Duane Hopkins & Doris Dorrie.

Foggan stated, "It is amazing to have Kicking and Screening Film Festival involved in the variety and depth of creativitiy in and around football culture, and Kicking and Screening have given us the chance to showcase directors from across the world-- all linked to their passion for the game."

To go with this part of the event will be photo displays, panel discussions on football and fashion.