Kicking & Screening Short: "Boniek et Platini" reviewed

By Sean McCaffery, May 19, 2018

No spoiler here. Set in the time that the FIFA  World Cup of 1982 was taking place in Spain and of course every little boy here in Poland, although under martial law wants to play and be their hero Boniek, one opts for Platini. They and their friends gather on a makeshift field and play out their fantasy game. There is but one ball amongst them and of course it is the official ball of the tourney the adidas Tango, and of course the ball after an errant rebound gets confiscated, the two main characters conspire on how to get back their prized possession. This results in a game for the ages played out in a small street inside the area of the officals who seized the ball. Shown here is the desire of the young boys to play to right a wrong, the mothers are involved a bit. The boys had a plan to get the ball see how that worked out. The resulting game, the ultimate battle between right and wrong, old v young plays out one night as they boys seek to steal their ball back who wins, find out while at the Kicking & Screening Soccer FIlm Festival on May 23 as it plays in a double feature with Messi & Me. For more on Messi & Me see this same webiste as we inteviewed the Director.