Kicking & Screening Film Festival adds a Film Club

By Sean McCaffery, December 16, 2018

This great Soccer Film Festival has gotten bigger and bigger each year and has now expanded again. After a decade, it was always seen as a community project, now it is, welcome to the K & S Film Club. The goal is to bring together Soccer FIlm fans, by way of connecting members, in an innovative fashion to get additional soccer films to a broader audience. K & S FC will be sharing more details on what they are in fact up to, such things as meet ups, gear and setting up film and cultural events. Membership has its benefits, a monthly newsletter, exclusive access to films gear and more, chances to interact with tastemakers in the industry, and of course their open invite to shape K & S as it moves forward.  The next Festival is set for June 4-7 and of course get all your updates right here.