Kicking and Screening movie review

By Sean McCaffery, May 26, 2017

The 90 Minute War, this well done movie by Eyal Halfon, considers the ongoing disputed land of Israel. The heads of the socccer federations of Israel and Palestine come to play a game set up by the powers that be in both nations to settle this, winner takes all, loser takes a hike. The two are shown arguing on everything from the referee all the way up to border crossings with each taking turns cancelling the event. There is humor, both dark and tounge in cheek utilized throughtout. A human touch is added through the character of a players' mother and her concern for so serioius of an issue being settled by a mere game of soccer. The heads of the federations think their heads may roll should they not prevail in this game. Similar to the soccer world today, they hem and haw over what constitures a legitimate player for each nation who is foreign born and bred. No spoiler here, want to know who won? see you at Kicking and Screening June 7 @ 7, be sure to use the Discount Code of     The small thumbnail at the top of this story will bring you to the website for the movie.