Kaku on the MLS is Back Tourney

By Sean McCaffery, June 28, 2020

Thus far, the sole goal getter is Kaku for RBNY on the year & actually likes the group despite one of the leagues powerhouses also in the group. Atlanta United already a major thorn in the side of the Red Bulls in their short history, head the group followed by the Crew and lastly Cincinnati, why does he like the group, they already are familiar with these other teams.

Kaku informed "We already know them, we've played against them before, so we know how they play. But we have to think about ourselves, in playing the Red Bull philosophy and to try to qualify for the knockout rounds, which would be very important."

The big carrot on the stick of these games is not a piece of the million plus dollars in prize money but the bid in the CCL, they advanced well in the past and want to get back to it.

Kaku continued, "For us, it's something very important. We know that all participants want to win it. Red Bulls have to win it. So we have to get mentally ready to have a great tournament. We know that it gives you a place in Concacaf, and we have to take advantage of it."

Kaku is glad to have returned to their training facility with all his teammates.

Kaku added "It felt very exciting because we waited a long time. We lived three tough month, where we folowed bad news, but now we're happy to be back together, even if we just have to greet each other by bumping our cleats, maintaining our distance. it's something beautiful to be back with the group."

He fully understands and is pleased by the support coming in from the teams supporters over these recent months and is wating to get back to them at RBA.

He went on with "First of all, I want to send greetings to all of them. They're always making sure we get their messages on Instagram, Facabook. But I want to tell them that we'll soon be enjoying games together at Red Bull Arena, and we're going to be happy as we have been these years."