Is it Tah Tah for TATA?

By Sean McCaffery, October 31, 2018

One of the biggest "Gets" yet for MLS has been the coach at Atlanta United. They seem to be the apple of everyone's eye in US Soccer. Great young players, amazing stadium, attendance records for MLS. Already though not surprising some players are said to be headed elsewhere, I am sure the deep pocketed owner, Arthur Blank will fill those voids quickly. Now as they head into the playoffs having just lost to Toronto, headed by Massapequa native, William Manning, costing them the Supporters Shield. I am catching wind of the only head coach they have had departing to coach Mexico. How real this is who knows as yet multiple sources give me these details. He came in to much fan fare, highly touted, successful and a draw in and unto himself. He is thought of as the new standard bearer for the league, to borrow what was said long ago in baseball's Reggie Jackson, "He brought his star with him."  and it has shown brightly. Should he stay or should he go now, others will follow some will be like him already well established, other will be seeking to make their own bones. Just days before the playoffs begin and also days after failing to secure the Supporters Shield, the architect of the tremendous success in Atlanta may very well be leaving, is that a motivtional tool to announce it now or does it leave him as a lame duck?