If Rocco Acquires AC Milan, What of the Cosmos?

By Sean McCaffery, July 7, 2018

This question has been put to me many times by many people so I thought it best to address it. As far as whether or not Rocco is successful in his bid, I have no clue. On both counts I have no inside information. However should he be successful, it will be a great thing for The Boys in Green. The tie ins as far as marketing goes would be very helpful to the Cosmos, Milan is a top international brand, yes the Cosmos are also a historic US brand and as ever huge worldwide, it benenfits them far more. As for the marketing partners, it would get them a presence in the states, a market highly coveted by all. Milan could use a bit of a presence here to grow their brand here by leaps and bounds, many European teams now have offices etc here, to speak nothing of their academies most of which are liscenses not really the academy of the first team in any way shape or form. As more Americans come to own foreign teams that should lead to a better game at home and their teams doing more here and drawing more attention to both their team and the game at large. 

Players coming to the Cosmos would then have the carrot on the stick to be Serie A and the heralded AC Milan. There would most certainly be the ability for the two to train together possibly tour jointly. Better players would be assured of at least being considered for a look by the staff from Italy. Younger players academy aged will be drawn even more so as at the youth level the US has been and remains competitive at the younger ages. Maybe the Tim Weah & Giuseppe Rossi types start here with that as their goal, a young boy from Queens VIllage might not wind up in a La Liga academy but here with Milan as his goal. All such things are a huge plus for the game at large, the Cosmos and the hope is to be the same with Milan.

I can go on for quite some time, but in short, it would be a great thing for Cosmos Country, team, players and fans, I would fully expect the team be helped by this addition and aid it on its journey forward.