Hudson River Derby NYRB 4-0 NYCFC

By Sean McCaffery, May 9, 2018

In a game that was all but over no sooner than it began and harkened back to the 7-0 NYRB win at Yankee Stadium, the home team was dominant. It was 2-0 minutes in ending 4-0 and it was not that close. The winners came out with such high energy keeping the visitors back on their heels and never looked back. This may have served as the coming out party for Kaku as he drew first blood with his third goal and assisted on the next just 2 minutes later then on the goal by BWP half an hour after that. With 6 shots on goal to only 1 by NYCFC, that was an austounding stat to be seen by an announced crowd of 25,219. It was t shirt day and the NYCFC faithful were tossing them down from their high perch following each goal, most were gone before Derrick Etienne capped the scoring in the 79th minute. Not much was asked of the Red Bull back stop Luis Robles as he made one save and this game helped lead to defender Tim Parker make the MLS team of the week as David VIlla who struck for 2 goals in his last game was of course blanked. 

By the numbers:

2 in 4: goals in minutes as Kaku struck first then assisted Valot.

3: winless streak in Derbies for NYRB entering the game.

6: # of 3 goal games this season for NYRB.

5 of 6: # of 3 goal games for NYRB.

1: goal for Kaku in Derbies at just 1:06.

4: minute # of 2nd NYRB goal.

11: goals for BWP v NYCFC

1: goal for Etienne in Derbies.

2: fastest pair of goals by NYRB.

5: #of times in a row VIlla has been held scoreless at RBA.

2: # of times NYCFC has been shutout in 2018.

92: # of League goals for BWP.

109: total goals for BWP with NYRB.

20: career goals for BWP on ESPN.

52: # shutout in MLS regular season for Luis Robles.

36: # of shuouts for Robles at RBA.

22: Games until Etienne scored a goal now with 2 in his last 5.

7: players from RBII on the field at the 80th minute.

88: wins tops in MLS in wins at home.