Happy Bakers Dozen Months with NYB to Thelwell

By Sean McCaffery, March 6, 2021

His team, hoped to be a marquee franchise in MLS has hardly lived up to that billing, they may very well lead the league in Head Coaches, some believe they do lead the league in stadia. This Head of Sport for NYRB has been active, some of it out of necessity. The team, the game and the world around him and his team have been caught in a whirlwind for all but the entirety of his term at the helm, there may be some calm coming in some of these aspects soon.  

Cleaning house, maybe, maybe not but 9 players, fully half a game day roster are gone now from last year. Gone are key players and fan favorites, Kaku & Tim Parker among them, Jared Stroud as well as Parker I fully expect to do some damage this year in the league, maybe more so in facing the team that jettisoned them. They now have a pair of players from the English Championship, how are you a top 7 league with 2nd level players from another nation? This is taking nothing away from Yearwood and the latest to pop the pond,  Edwards. A pair of gems may just be Carmona, one of  the latest imports from Venezuelan to join MLS, a youth international to boot. Also, who may be a diamond in the not so rough out of Brazil, the forward Fabio, at 6' 4" he literally jumps off the  page. Could he be the missing piece since he departure of BWP? the team has tried with limited success to do so by committee. Coronel at the ripe old age of 24 is the senior most of the new additions, proof positive of their unabashed youth movement, is that a cost saving measure, or faith in their ability to develop players?

Might they add more, well with DP slots and the full blown use of the U-23 DP program, yes the latter seems the mostly likely of the two routes for them to utilize.