Football Star Does Shirt for Star Fussball Team

By Sean McCaffery, July 20, 2019

Who'da thunk it, an NFL veteran from the Houston Texans, Arian Foster designed a top for Bayern Munich, just in time for them to don at their arrival in Houston. David Alba commented, " Everyone who knows me knows I love fashion, which is why I created my own line. After speaking with Arian, I realized his approach s similar to my style."

This one time deal reflects FCB and their inital game in Houston, on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Both occurring today. Foster added, "Growing up, and throughout my career, art, culture and poetry have been inportant elements in my life." He is the top rusher in team history and greeeted the Germans side upon their landing in Houston with no problem. His image depicted on the shirt re-imagines one of the most iconic images ever with a FCB bent. It is $30.00 at Bayerm's online store.

Arian & Alba

Robert Lewandowski