Fight 'til the end, on the Man CIty 2018/19 Season is out

By Sean McCaffery, July 19, 2019

This series that follows the last 30 days of the tense Fourmidalbles season is available in the US on CIty's new OTT streaming platform, Man CIty for TV. See the trailer on the Facebook of Soccer Long Island Magazine. For the first time ever, you may see the emotional speech, the last one delivered by captain Vincent Kompany following the FA Cup FInal.

Kwik Kixx:

-This OTT is the main place for fans in the US and elsewhere to get exclusive Man City content first as well as get a free 30 day free trial.

-To celebrate kickoff of this streaming, the 4 part series is being released.

-Man City and their pre-season games in Hong Kong & Yokohama and the Women's and Academy games will be streamed live.

-Full game replays from all PL , Champions League, Cup games and Women's games are to be seen 24 hours post game, and archive historic games.