FC Cincinnati to show Classic Games

By Sean McCaffery, March 20, 2020

Not a bad idea for the team, let their fans get their soccer fix and make viewing the games very easy. WSTR Star64 will show the games, Saturday and Sunday, and oh yes they are the teams broadcast partner. As an added plus to the games, there will be the need for a 2nd screen as the team will at the same time be streaming special programming to allow a more in depth experience during the broadcast. The regular broadcast team of Gelehrter, McCloskey Patterson & Stec will be involved in the seconday and social broadcast on the team's Facebook page, with both games starting at noon, the streams are to begin 10 minutes in advance of the games.

The reason is to be able via these games being past and the stream will afford them to go over the happenings of the game, and give more detail to the events that have already unfolded. Also special guests will be live during these streams.

 The first game will be just that, their first ever home game, in the USL hosting Charlotte on April 9, 2016, a trio of the broadcast team will go over the events of the match. A pair from the historic game Jimmy McLaughlin & Austin Bery will be live to lend details of the game and the first year of the club.

Sunday the May 11, 2019 an MLS game is to be shown, v the Montreal Impact, when interm HC Yoann Damet & mid. Fatai Alashe get with Gelehrter & Stec to go over the game and what they did to accomplish this victory. It was the first game for Damet in his first tenure as an interm HC, while Alashe had the GWG.