FC Cincinnati Foundation lends help to the West End

By Sean McCaffery, March 16, 2020

This 2nd year MLS team is building their new home ground in this neighborhood which is of lesser means, now not only are they hiring locals to work for them but they als set their sights on fundraising. In light of the statewide order to shutter the schools, they are now taking in funds to help such families during this hard time at the hand of the Coronavirus. The money brought in will serve to assist the youth and their families to eat, fully 100% will go toward this end. The money is bound for Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, Hayes Porter & St. Joseph's School, all located in the West End. The push is to be sure they receive proper nutrition as school is out, and funds may be collected a the team's donation page, until the end of the month, just check the box atop the page. Ex-NY Cosmo Hunter Freeman and Massapequa's Lary Sunderland are involved at high levels with this team.