FC Bayern Munich Reaches a North American Milestone

By Sean McCaffery, July 2, 2019

One of the biggest brands in worldwide football has proven its case in the North America as it has hit 150 clubs in 43 states, amazing in so short of a time. The top club from Germany is now tops here with fan clubs over any team foreign or domestic. Jorg Wacker, Munich's Exec. Bd Member for Internationalization & Strategy informed, "Exactly 5 years ago we opened our first international office in New York to grow our fan base, support the growth of soccer on and off the field and  form mutual beneficial partnerships. This July, for the fourth time since we've been here, our team will return for a US summer tour, highlighting our commitment to bringing the club closer to fans in this region." Rudolf Vidal, Munich's Prez. of the Americas added "This, our fan-first ethos has allowed us to build one fo the world's greatest sports families." 

2014 saw the formation of 8 fan clubs, the first being in Martinsville NJ founded in 1995 it has grown at a tremendous rate, a tribute to the fans and the efforts by the team top to bottom.

Marking this event on July 4 FC Bayern will illuminat their Allianz Arena in Munich with the Old Glory and the number 150.