FC Bayern Munich partners with OXiGEN

By Sean McCaffery, January 10, 2018

One of the world's top clubs, their players dominate the German MNT has linked with OXiGEN, making them the club's Official Functional Water & Recovery Tool. This is an oxygenated water and shot product, the beverages provide natural increased stamina, mental clarity and faster recovery from exercise.

The 3 year union kicked off in Doha as the team went through the rigors of their winter break training camp. They put it to the test as they undertook their intensive training program ahead of the second half of their season.

Now found in 40 states, OXiGEN contains Activated Stabilized Oxygen, a highly stable o4 oxygen molecule  differing from regular 02, a compressed gas. This o4 does not dissapate when the bottle is opened and it has 1oox more oxygen than does regular water, the shot has 5x that. The benfits include all but immediate clearing of lactic acid from the blood, while boosting the body's oxygen levels. The advantage of this is quicker recovery times and being able to push harder sooner in training, it also lends help in faster recovery from oxygen deprivation in air travel and general fatigue. This partenrship will key on the Americas, Middle East & Asia.