Covid pushes Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers

By Sean McCaffery, March 8, 2021

The games, set for this month have been suspended, though this hurts the game, we are very pleased that they took the totality of the situation into consideration. It is not just the playing of the games that is at issue, the safety of  the player, and game staff, but also the risk with travel. The possibilities of spreading new strains which are already pushing the efforts to get shots to all may then be rendered further less effective.

Doubleheaders had been slated to take place on March 25, 26 & 30, this now has such players able to join their MLS clubs, not leave their teams based in other nations or continents. 2020 MLS Golden boot winner, Diego Rossi of LAFC was effected by this, along with former teammate Brian Rodriguez, now playing in Spain for  Almeria, Raul Ruidiaz, was in camp with his Peruvian National Team and now may be getting together with his Sounders at camp ahead of schedule. No this is not a silver lining, merely a new wrinkle.