Cosmos decline to extend some players

By Sean McCaffery, January 4, 2018

As noted on the Facebook page of Socer Long Island Magazine, a number of players with contracts that expired with the end of the 2017 season were not renewed by the NY Cosmos. Not so surprising as Ochieng had put out photos of him playing elsewhere. Arango may not have wanted to return, given little playing time, then his arm injury. Jakovic is a bit of a surprise although he played well in the Copa America and all season, so he may have been looking to move on/up. Starikov who I think did well but was unlucky in finishing was a bit of a surprise as there are a great many of his ethnicity in the immediate vicinity of the home stadium of MCU Park in Coney Island. Ledesma surely raised his value in the highly successful season he had and I am sure like Jakovic will be picked up in a hurry. This does not of course mean they will not be resigned but I would say it is highly unlikely that all will not be brought back. The prestige of not bringing back a national team player is a bit of a hit to take as is the case of David. These losses coupled with David Diosa again signing elsewhere, Maurer after his short loan, now being with FC Dallas, Herrara linking up with team in his native El Salvoador and Vranjican going to the first division in Colombia. Last season was very similar at the end with many returning, most I am sure due to the presence of the now departed Saverese. This and the silence from the league and team may be cause for concern both team and league alike. I however do remain rather optimistic for the team and its return. A photo of what may very well have been the last public appearance of Jimmy Maurer as a NY Cosmos player.