Congressman's Decry of "Sexism" is Missing A Lot of Facts !

By Kevin McCrudden, July 17, 2015



What has become common practice in today's politics, politicians choose to be divisive rather than doing some research before speaking. 

Isn't there something missing from these comparisons?  What was the GROSS SALES of the comparable Men's World Cup and the Women's World Cup?  Do you think we might want to know that before speaking? 

The "men's" game is about 100 years older than the women's game.

The "men's" game is a multi-billion dollar business that fills stadiums every single week and major media organizations pay billions of dollars to carry men's games on TV, which means there are very large companies that want to pay millions of dollars for those viewers to advertise to and get their product in front of them.

The women's game outside of the World Cup every 4 years barely has attendance or viewership?

Comparing the two is comparing apples and oranges.

Just like the NBA underwrites the WNBA, because nobody goes and there is no major TV contract , because advertisers won't pay millions of dollars for no viewership.  It's about business and money, not "SEXISM!"

Drawing a conclusion of "sexism" based on a once every four year event, that we finally won after 16 years, is not a fair comparison.

Also, what is not being taken into consideration is the plight and struggle of American male soccer players that are typically still the least paid and the last ones on the field or the first ones cut to make room for the next European, retired superstar or the next "US Citizen" that comes from Germany or some other foreign country.

There are way too many FACTS not being discussed before making this kind of accusation!  And if the US Women's National Team had their male counterparts backs, they would acknowledge that American men have been struggling for years for "equality" and there are only a handful of them that ever make any money or make a living out of being a "professional soccer player."

I love soccer and have been a player, coach and fan for my entire life.  For those that want to stand up for soccer, rather than being divisive and opportunitistic at the cost of the game, you should speak up!  Politicians will destroy the game that they know nothing about, just to prove a point and try to get some votes.  Rather than being selfish, maybe we should take a look at the bigger picture and appreciate all that American male soccer players have had to go through for 100 years, rather than saying "women DESERVE the same amount of money, just because." 

Once again, another politician trying to be divisive, while ignoring the FACTS in order to get the female vote.

Like they say, "don't let FACTS get in the way of a good story."