'Caps Dive in to Save a Drowning Vancouver Aquarium

By Sean McCaffery, April 26, 2020

The venue and the team have teamed up in this time of Coronavirus crisis to fundraise for the Aquarium and sell protective masks, the proceeds of whish are to support what is describes as "one of the world's great aquatic animal care, resesarch & education sanctuaries".  It is being called a critical period fo need for the instiutution, and over 2 dozen 'Caps stafffers are giving of their own time to this objective, with hunderds of man hours in reaching out to those tied to this great civic landmark.

Last week the operator sent out a flare for help as it is as dire risk of being shuttered, this month, fallout of the virus. The facility is now closed and empty, none wish to to remain as such. For over 60 years it has been a place welcoming all and has housed or tanked over 70,000 animals, now it is staring down permant closure.

Lasse Gustavsson, Pres. &  CEO, Ocean Wise told "It is devestating to imagine that the Vancouver Aquarium may cease to exist, but that is the reality we are fighting against. We are so grateful to have an organization like the Whitecaps reach out to offer their support and mobilize to create an initative like this so quickly."

Mark Pannes, Whitecaps FC CEO added "From our ownership group on down, the Whitecaps exist to unite and inspire our community. We understand how important this beloved institution, the Vancouver Aquarium, is not only to our city and province but also to the country. We know our community is up to the task."

These mask are made of the highest quality and have unique styles, pulling inspiration from the crest of the team and the Aquarium alike. Made with a soft polyester lining nearest the skin, long time spans on will be no issue and uses double needle stiching in the binding for comfort and long lasting quality. The 100% polyester is simialr to dry fit,  and white piping offfers a visual cue as to when it is time to clean.

Mark Trotzuk, VP of Alliance Mercantile Inc/Boardroom Clothing contributed "We're thrilled to be a part of this initiative with the Whitecaps to help our Aquarium. Made right here in the Lower Mainland."

Please see the team website to get your $19.99 adult sized and kids at $17.99 masks, add shipping and tax. Net proceeds will go to the Aquarium.