Armas, out at New York Red Bulls

By Sean McCaffery, September 4, 2020

Though disappoointing, this comes as no surprise, the team has not been playing well, the adjustments to the roster did not stick, the goal production has been on life support, yet he has not gotten any new horses in to win races. They say coaches are hired to be fired, yes that is how most end their time with teams, but a local product, USMNT player and great MLS player to be let go by his hometown team is not easy. They have not filled the gap in any way shape of form left behind by both the injury then departure of Bradley Wright Phillips, Meara has done as expected, very well following the southern move by Luis Robles and there really have not been many upgrades made of late beyond Kaku, one of the engines of the team is still with Red Bull, but not in NY, Tyler Adams having popped the pond. Asst. coach AJ Brown followed Armas out the door. "An interm coach is to be named in the coming days", a quote from the team, the coming days your next game is in 2?

In his illustrious pro career Armas had 264 matches between the LA Galaxy & Chicago Fire to go along with 66 caps for the USMNT. Among other things, this helped earn him enshrinement in the Long Island Soccer Player Hall of Fame as he is from Long Island, played college ball at Adelphi and assisted on the Giovanni Saverese goal to win the national title with the Long Island Rough Riders in 1995, yes we were there.

 Head of Sport KevinThelwell stated "On behalf of the organization, I'd like to thank Chris for his hard work and dedication to the club. At this time, it's my decision that we must go in a different direction in order to meet the ambitions we have for our football club., We wish Chris and CJ all the best in their future endeavors. We will conduct a wide, through seach for our next head coach."

Appointed in July of 2018, Armas then lead the team on their 12-3-3 tear to take the Supporters Shield yet again. Overall the picture was not as bright at 29-21-11, 2x in the playoffs and now 3-4-2.

Their next game as mentioned is Sunday at 7 p.m. at 7 hosting the Philadelphia Union.

Following a 1:30 p.m. media event with Thelwell, we will have more on this.

Questions I will hope put to him is surely this was thought of following Orlando and the MIB games, why was he not let go then? There was then another time span, just shy of a month, not 2 days between games for a search which should have already been done and to announce if not the new HC at least the interm following this action.  New players brought in of late new HC had less than zero input on that.