11th Heaven for the Founding Teams of New League with NPSL

By Sean McCaffery, November 18, 2018

These teams including one headed by Michael Collin out of Hicksville, California United Strikers have this league spanning the nation for this new league. The teams will go after the inagural NPSL Founders Cup from Aug.-Nov., 2019 that will then segway into the full on schedule for them in Spring-Fall 2020.  As these are to be truly professional teams each one wil be acquiring full time staff with pro players, coaches, and dedication to their markets. NPSL Chairman Joe Batone stated, "We are very excited to bring  a new brand of comunity-based soccer to the U.S. market. This new venture will build upon the success and experience of NPSL and its nationwide network of local soccer club members". USASA Pres. John Motta added, "This another opportunity to develop players, coaches, administrators and referees at the highest level of adult soccer. This is absolutly critical for player development."  The NPSL Founder Cup 11 are, ASC San Diego, Cal FC, California United Strikers FC, Chattanooga FC, Detroit City FC, FC Arizona, Miami FC, Miami United FC, Milwaukee Torrent, New York Cosmos, & Okland Roots, with additiional clubs to follow. More details are to be released throughout the winter.