Children of Change, the Official Charity of Soccer Long Island Magazine

By Sean McCaffery, May 26, 2017

Children of Change a certified 501 (c) (3) has Sean McCaffery as the President & Sporting Director. The goal of the charity is to help children world wide that are in orphanages. Overseas thus far it has refurbished the bathrooms and provided lighting for an orphange in the Ukraine. Locally, with Sean they have given out thousands of items to young soccer players on Long Island. Thus far these items, school supplies, clothing, TV, DVD player and so much more have been distributed with many hundreds more awaiting dissemination. Soon we hope to do the same for soccer players in Queens as well. We are also developing soccer fields on Long Island, with 4 being done at this time and many more on the back burner, hoping to do as many as 20 this calender year. The outreach being done will include, soccer clinics by our USSF liscensed staff, speaking to the children of the importance of education, staying away from drugs and other bad influences to go along with the importance of staying active. To see videos of these items being distributed plese see the facebook page of Sean McCaffery.

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